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start was created/last modified on Mon 10 May 2004 2:06 AM


this site is meant to help.
not only me, who always needs the same functions over and over again and needs to access them from different machines.
but also you, who came across this site.

you'll find a lot of PHP code here, probably not too many "ready2go" scripts, but that's why it is called PHP-snippets - right?

although you might find some Javascript or even Flash MX code around the most of it are PHP code snippets.
see the php scripts as php tutorial,
kind of my own little php snippet gallery script.

btw. you can click on any function in the PHP code, it will take you directly to the manual of that function @

if you want your own code with syntax highlighting and the functions linked to the manual, consider visiting

it's all for building better websites. and, if you are stuck with a project - or the deadline is coming closer and the script's not ready yet - don't hesitate to contact me at PHP @
I'll be glad to help and my rates are more than fair.

so - please enjoy
i hope, since you are already here, that you find something useful.
and if you want to share some code - go on.
i'll appreciate it


search on PHPsnippets - see your code like this

 a site

go to PHParadise to get free PHP, Javascript and FlashMX code