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welcome to phparadise, see if you can find something useful...
you can always click on the php-functions in the code to go to the manual for that function.

use the drop-down menu at he bottom of the page to choose which manual to use.
you can also choose to search for that function, either here on phparadise or on the entire web with google.

if you want to see your own code like this, see the PHP code highlighter.

i hope you enjoy your stay


if you want to get in touch with me, need some special code or just want to tell me what you think,
send me an email to phparadise@gmail.com - i'm always happy to help ...
go read some webdevelopment related news if you don't feel like coding.
do you have a website and want to keep track of your position in the search results of google - use the google position tracker.
and if you want to see how your site looks on a Mac, check it out at the Macintosh Safari screenshot service.

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