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Online Tools

Mac screenshot service screenshot generator to load websites on a Mac
see your site on Safari or MacIE
HTML analyzer analyze webpage and get keyword suggestions
analyze the content of your website
google position tracker track your position for keywords on google
see your sites performance over time
RSS newsreader keep informed with this online news reader
online news
play with colors color combinations for your site
colorpicker shows all possible hues and shades

Javascript Tricks and Scripts

realtime preview CSS & HTML editor code preview coded in javascript
see your code make sense while you type
Javascript tooltips info at your fingertips
pop up tooltips which stick to the cursor

CSS Tricks

pure CSS table display data in this pure CSS grid layout
grid layout without table
pure CSS tooltips tooltips with the :hover CSS pseudoclass
pop-up info for your visitors
pure CSS centered box use CSS to keep your layout in the center
vertically and horizontally centered box

PHP Scripts

PHParadise often used PHP functions ready to include
PHP code & functions to study and download
PHParadise often used PHP functions ready to include
same functions like above, just new site
PHP mirror PHP script to copy a site from server to server
server to server copying without FTP
recursive PHP functions scan, delete or get size of a directory recursively
some useful functions to do PHP recursively